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Are there any puppy classes near you? A well-run intro class (i.e. not a puppy free-for-all) can be a great intro and a great way to meet people locally who are into dog sports. I would get in touch with the club and see what they say. For now, rather than focusing on teaching more advanced, specific stuff, there are some great threads on engagement with your puppy-- making "work" FUN sets the foundation for future training. Make teaching the basics into a game. Learn how to lure or shape behaviors- you don't necessarily have to use a clicker, but it makes marking the EXACT moment a lot easier.

Intro to Clicker Training (perfect for puppies!)

Teaching a trick is the least important part of teaching tricks

There are several other great stickies in the puppy sections

As for focused heeling, start with shaping hind-end awareness. There are great youtube videos on doing this with puppies using a pedestal (I used a small rubber feed tub from tractor supply). Don't expect too much too soon- between short attention spans and general clumsiness, it takes a bit.
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