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Chronic Diarrhea and Fur Loss

Marco is a 2-3 year-old GSD with chronic diarrhea. He also has "dandruff" and is losing lots of fur. I got him 3 months ago from my neighbor. Marco was tied outside and fed scraps. I constantly told them to feed him more and take him to the vet. Finally, they just gave him to me. I took him to the vet: got all of his shots, started him on metronidazole and Science Diet I/D. Things improved slightly, and then regressed when we finished the metronidazole. So started with the metronidazole again, but this time it did not work. He started losing weight, fur, and developed the excessive dandruff. The vet did blood work, tested for parasites: no parasites or infection found. So we wormed him again anyway. No improvement, so we tested for giardia and EPI. Those tests came back negative as well. We switched Marco to Science Diet Z/D and sulfasalazine. He is eating with no problem and has great energy and a wonderful, playful personality. He is just not putting on any weight, has constant diarrhea, and his skin is not improving. At this rate, I fear he will be bald and malnourished. The next step is endoscopy but my vet bill is already sky high, and the procedure is very expensive. From my understanding, the procedure will just tell us the name of his problem, but we will still have trial and error to find the right treatment. Has anyone gone through this? What did you do with your dog that worked?
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