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What do you want from your dogs and how do you expect to live? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing with your dogs? I consider this to very much be a “lifestyle” decision as the statistical evidence for/against neutering/spaying is very spotty and has a very small real statistical significance. What I mean by that is, that the “correlation” is generally extremely small, and shouldn’t be accepted by anyone that understands how statistics work.

If you’ve never seen a male dog when there is a female in heat around…it’s not fun to deal with. Basically, its crate and rotate for those weeks, and you’ll probably need quite a kennel, or a very good door. You’ll need to monitor them at all times, and I’m sure you’ll see your male doing the “flirty dance” with the female. You can’t allow them to ever be unsupervised together during that time, and really in a lot of the time around the expected heat because bitches aren’t always on an exact cycle. So, you’ll have to start watching your male like a hawk until you learn his reaction to an intact/in heat female. It will probably be the first sign that she’s about to be in heat.

You’re quite limited in the types of “doggie things” you can do if you have intact animals. Neither is allowed at the majority of dog day cares, many dog parks don’t allow them. If your female is intact, and you’re out and about with her, you risk another dog becoming interested. Personally, wouldn’t want to be at a fair of some sort or a festival with my female dog and cause all the other male dogs in the area (intact ones) to go nuts…and who knows if those owners can keep control of their dogs.

My female came to us spayed…I probably would’ve let her have a heat or two though before doing it myself if it was up to me. The breeder (close friend) would’ve really had to push hard to convince me to keep her intact if they did want to breed her in the future. But, I’ve also seen my dog completely lose all his marbles around a female in heat, and it’s not something I want to go through every 6 months.

My personal opinion is that if you don't intend to breed, one of your animals should be speutered. Without knowing you, the risk of pregnancy with two intact animals and the resulting risk of problems that come along with that pregnancy/whelping of a litter, is probably much higher than the small increases in various statistical correlations found in the studies about this subject. And trust me, when you're used to not having to worry about your dogs, crate and rotate becomes super annoying. I watched a friend's dog in an emergency for 2 days and we had to crate and rotate him and my male (intact/dominance issues) because we didn't want to risk a problem. It's really cruddy having to split time "equally" between the two dogs when it comes to crating. And I really didn't like that my dog was confined on a weekend when I'm sitting at home.

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