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House/crate training

Tonight is Mojo's third night home and they seem to be getting worse than better.
Night one he woke me up three times to go potty, we went out and he did his business and then straight back to sleep in the crate.
Night two he woke me up every hour between 11-2 and then once or twice before 7. Same deal, did his business and straight back to sleep. Most of the trips out were just pee.
Night three he has cried more than ever. We've been out three times and it's 1am, the first and last time he just laid in the grass.
The only thing that's changed is night one he didn't feel well, he had an enema due to eating quick-Crete at the breeder before I got him. Due to that I expected he would drink more water and he did nights one and two. Tonight I picked up his water dish about an hour and a half before bed. This worked great with my last puppy, with him I'm convinced that is why he's crying so much. After our last failed trip out I let him have a small drink and now he's sleeping.
Do I need to let him just drink as much as he wants and deal with the increased potty trips? Or is it safe to continue taking it up before bed? I'm exhausted and could really use a good idea or compromise. I feel bad that he's been crying for water, but I also can't rule out he's just testing me. Any input would be appreciated.
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