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Raw Diet For Dogs: The Basics Articles: Homemade Raw Diets for Dogs

Switching to a Raw Diet

Raw Feeding FAQ

Raw Fed Dogs

There is a wealth of information available to help you with your education regarding feeding your dogs a raw diet.

Supplementing a raw diet is a hotly debated topic as those who feed their dog's a "prey model" diet would scoff at the idea of supplementing....while there are others who feel it is best to supplement. I take the view of trying some of both and seeing what works best for your dogs. Once you begin this new approach to your dog's diet, I believe you will become the best person to determine what is most appropriate for your dog's well-being.

I think it is very wise of you to have the attitude you have taken and feel the need to educate yourself on the process rather than just throwing a pork chop to your dogs and feeling you have done the best you can ask away and I am sure many folks will be more than happy to describe their experiences, successes, failures and "recipes" for a raw diet which hopefully you will be able to cull through and come up with the best diet for your dogs.

Personally, I think you are making a wonderful choice and if you continue with your research, you will find your dogs will greatly benefit from your time and effort.

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