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Just got a 2nd GSD...9mo intense pup...

Just got a new pup unexpectedly. Planned on getting another next year but the opportunity to have a really nice pup came and I jumped in head first. He is what I said I wanted for my 2nd GSD, but now that I have him I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into. Ive always raised my dogs from young pups, but this one is 9mo old already.

My first pup, Tucker, I got at 8 weeks old and although he has some drive, is worlds away from this intense pup.

This boy has had very little training. He was bred and raised in a Schutzhund trainer's kennel. He has no manners at all. Fortunately, he is half the size of Tucker...I couldn't handle him if he were Tuck's size.

He jumps. ALL of the time. He knows sit, but that's it. And has the attention span of a gnat. I don't think he's ever seen a toy, because he has no plans of returning it to you EVER.

So, having raised one from 8 weeks and being able to gradually work on these things, I'm a little worried about how to get some basics down before he matures and they become "issues." I have to get it right or get out, so to speak.

My trainer kept him for a week for me before I brought him home, and he did think we'd have to see if he might be too much dog for me. He worked him a little and police/military work was a thought after that.

So, we're keeping that in mind.

Right now we are just working on a long line to master staying close to me, getting a reliable "Here" & "Sit" and not jumping.

Advice on how to proceed? This is a different training process for me as I had the basics down with Tuck when he was still very young. This pup has never been in a home and likely had never left the kennel he was born in until my trainer picked him up a few states away. Of course I'll be training with him soon, but because I just bought a dog boarding business and am in the process of reopening it, I need to stay close to that for the next few weeks. But that will give me more time to spend with him.

Note: He does seem very sweet and friendly. And brave. Really brave. With a very "intense" eye when he locks onto something. Playing tug has turned into survival of the fittest!
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