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Shadow has been muzzled off the property most of her life. She is definitely what I would call a fear aggressive dog, and due to a list of problems she is scared a lot! Blowing plastic bags and those little lawn signs freak her right out, so do reflections in windows and flashing lights. Add to that, she is freakishly strong, unbelievably quick and she never bluffs and our walks were just nerve wracking for both of us before the muzzle.
When she was very young I spent a lot of time with bruises and scrapes due to being yanked off my feet. I can handle Bud at his worst, I was used to walking big, strong dogs but I used to joke that walking Shadow was like being dragged by a truck. And she's so tiny!
Anyway we have worked really hard on her issues and walks are nearly enjoyable now.
Is there anything I did wrong this morning? Anything I should focus on?
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