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Mostly just want to brag! Couple of questions though

So I ran out of coffee yesterday, which prompted me to take Little Miss Shadow for a stroll to Tim Hortons this morning, before I was truly awake. I put her collar and muzzle on and off we wandered. I usually use a harness because her collar seems to bring on bad behavior. But she did amazing! A bit of tugging, because she was wide awake unlike my sluggish behind, but nothing over the top. We passed several people on the sidewalk and she mostly ignored them, barely even tensed up. While we were standing in line, ignoring the kids-Good Girl-snotty little terrier strolls up and tries to get in her face. Bit of wuffing from Shadow but she stayed close and behaved. No tensing, no posturing, no lunging. She even stood up to the window for an ear scratch. And her tail was waving the whole time.
As we were walking away, cranky woman at one of the tables mutters something about 'shouldn't have that dog here'. I asked what she said and she screams 'you have no business having that in a public place if it needs a muzzle'
I told her to get an education, and we left.

So first, I'm very pleased with Shadows progress overall.
Second, she did do good right? I mean she only barely reacted to a blatant challenge from a mouthy dog and she never broke position.
Third, why isn't it legal to slap annoying people?
And lastly any thoughts on her collar issue? She almost acts like it frightens her.
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