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Misty blind and losing control of her legs.

We rescued Misty from a monster. He went to prison who pushing his pregnant wife out of a moving car. He tortured Misty. He choked her until he cut off oxygen to her brain. She was mostly blind at 6 months when we got her. She eventually became totally blind. Even now she still hates for anyone to touch her feet. She cries when she has her toe nails cut. Misty is now over 12 and can hardly walk. She is falling down as her hind legs and front leg fail her. She cries and moans a lot from the pain. We treat the pain. I can't stand to see her suffer.

We have made the decision to put her to sleep. She is such a sweetie. My heart is broken once more. Alas, there is room for a new dog to take up residence in my heart. I am so glad we were able to give her the love and care she needed. I am looking for another GSD in the Pacific Northwest area. I would like to find a rescue GSD in the next week or so. The dog will have to get along with our English Springer Spaniel who is also blind. I do not want another blind dog. I had three blind dogs for a while. Probably a female.... doesn't have to be a pup, probably would prefer a dog with some training. Anyone know of a dog please let me know. Older is ok. I have gotten two dogs through this forum over the years. Thanks for any help given.
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