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Separation Anxiety- little long sorry.

So we picked up our 4 year old rescue/shelter dog on Thursday night. We came home, let her sniff the house on leash, let her meet us, and just relaxed. Our yard isn't fenced, she doesn't seem to know how to play, so we went for a walk around the block before bed. She was crated overnight in our bedroom and was great. no whining, no accidents.

Friday, we walked, she ate and hung out with us on leash in the morning but my husband and I both work, in the crate she went. She cried ALL morning. We know because our grandma lives with us and tried to talk to her while she was in the cage but continued crying. Husband went home at lunch, took her out and relaxed with her a bit then put her back in the cage when he went back to work. She cried all afternoon but was fine in the evening/ and another night in the cage.

Saturday- We overwhelmed her. After a morning walk and some relaxing, we took her to get evaluated by a trainer (she did great!), we had a vet appointment, then went for a bath at a local pet store (gotta love self service bathing tubs). She growled/Lunged at a small dog at the store. We figured that she was tired and overwhelmed from the day. She rested a bit, we had a walk before bed and another great night in the crate.

Today, we walked in the AM and I put her in the crate a bit to reinforce that it isn't a bad place, and that its ok to be there. we gave her some treats while she was in it and calm. we walked in and out of the house and she was fine. she was in there for about 2 hours while we did things around the house (inside and out) when we decided to run to the store to grab lunch. in the hour we were gone, she bent the wire in her crate, removed the plastic pan at the bottom and cried/howled the entire time. she quieted right before we got home (according to grandma) and is now laying at my feet resting as I type this.

I know she is bonding with us, but we are unsure of how to proceed and we both have to go back to work tomorrow. If we leave her uncrated, she could be destructive and hurt herself and grandma (or she could be totally fine). If we attempt to crate her, she can cause further damage to her crate and again, could hurt herself. Any tips would be very helpful as we are just not sure which direction to go.
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