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Originally Posted by Discoetheque View Post
I've noticed that the pant seems to be a bit harder when Discoe is tired from exercise vs. being hot. The tongue is out further when she's tired, and she may put her shoulders into the pant, as well. She can also be kind of loud. When she's hot, it's a much...easier pant. Tongue may only be partially out, breathing is a lot more even and quiet.
Nearly an hour walk at 93 with sprinting and off-leash exertion is probably more than I would do, especially with a dog low in the endurance. I don't know about others, just me personally.
This has been our routine for a couple years now. Even in 105 we've always at least walked an hour minus the off-leash and sprinting...

I don't know how else to build her endurance or take the weight off...We may begin swimming this year.

Thank you for the description C: helps a lot actually!
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