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Panting: being hot vs. being tired

This might be a silly question...but is there a difference between a dog panting when he is hot and panting when he is tired?

Zeeva pants like crazy on our walks. Smokey not so much. Zeeva has never had very high endurance whereas Smokey (my husky) has always had the endurance of a bull even in hot weather. Smokey doesn't take nearly as much time to recover from a walk.

Personally, I have a very good tolerance to heat; not cold. So I don't know if I'm pushing Zeeva too hard...? She has, IMO, very low muscle mass and the vet still states she is a bit overweight. I've struggled with her weight since she's become an adult.

The temperature today was 93 degrees with a 25% humidity index. We walk about 45-50 minutes with 15-20 minutes of off-leash time and some sprinting in between.
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