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Unhappy Did I do a bad thing?

This morning I was very reluctant to waking up, and although it was just 10 AM - I have just previously fallen asleep not even an hour ago. Let's just say being sick sucks. So as much as I didn't want to leave my bedsheets, something in my Spirit was just bugging me to get up. So I did.

Our goal destination for today's walking journey was to the bank so that my roommate could cash his check. The area I live in isn't the greatest in the world, and it has it's own reputation for violence of all sorts, so whenever we leave the house I'm always prepared to defend us in any situation. However I was not prepared for what I was about to deal with...

Upon crossing the street, there's this hedge that naturally covers half of the sidewalk, so you usually can't see what was on the other side until you've passed the bush. Not even three or four steps later we all hear screaming, "Get off me! Let me go! Stop! That hurts! You're hurting me!"
"Oh you think that hurts?! Just wait until we get home!"

A woman in her late 50's, had no shoes on - most likely in her lounging clothes - being forcefully punched, slapped, grabbed, and dragged across the street by her so called shirtless and doped up 'husband'. He was taunting and pinning her down, defiling her, degrading her, spitting upon her very existence in public as if it's nothing for him to be ashamed of. And as she continued to cower down using her own body weight as an anchor while using her hands as a shield above her blood just boiled.

My boy Bane was on my left with his leash in hand, and with every ounce of power I thought I had within me I just screamed "GET AWAY FROM HER" at the very top of my lungs. I knew it was none of my business, and I knew exactly the consequences of my actions prior to stepping in...but people were just walking by. Ignoring her, not him, but HER. As if she was a piece of garbage just because she looked just as dirty as he did.

I couldn't help it, but my reactions were not met with compliance. So as the shock of someone speaking to a shirtless man dragging an elderly woman around, he instantly puffed out his chest and yelled back if I 'wanted some too.' It wasn't even 5 seconds before he was millimeters from my nose but my eyes never lowered, stuttered, or broke contact. It was dead straight, but my stomach was filled with fear.

Bane picked up on my energy and began to barricade his body between the dope fiend and his wife and I. She had the facial expression of being rescued by angels, but as I demanded he seize putting his hands on her, I will not leave her side nor resist defending her until she is in a safe position. My roommate was already on the phone with the police as this all began, and instantly as this ridiculous piece of crap grasped the severity of our seriousness, he started to use his wife as a human shield.

It just took one scream of fear and pain for me to release Bane and deploy him to protect her. She was sitting there terrified, too chronically panicked to ask for help but I could not ignore the stench of abuse on her aura any longer. Her husband grabbed a stick and tried to raise it to us, so Bane reared up and targeted his hand to disarm him. As I called him back I used myself as a block between them until the police arrived.

After (3) Police Units and 45 minutes of taunting us with verbal and physical threats, (he actually went back inside, put on some dollar store boxing gloves, and tried to get his neighbors involved...) it wasn't long until everything was neutralized and we were on our way after giving our witness reports.

My question is...was I wrong? I'm a 24 year old female, and I wasn't prepared to fight. But was I wrong for helping her? For asking Bane to do what he did in order to keep an abuser at bay? The entire time I was thinking about the consequences and if they outweighed the possible misfortunes that may be inflicted upon me. I'm still having a hard time coming down from it, because I worry that if my dog saw this violence coming from me, would that contribute to him also having the potential of being a 'bad dog' and repeat my actions?

Any honest replies and advice would be appreciated. I'm feeling kind of down.

If it matters, I have PTSD from seeing my Mother being beaten by my Step Father for 9 years. So that's why I truly interfered, seeing it all just triggered me and I admit, I lost control.
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