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Yes! You can totally do this! I had two serious "quits" before my last one. One lasted three weeks and the second lasted almost five months.

I smoked my last cigarette on January 3, 2003. I was a heavy smoker, up to over two packs a day by the time I quit for good.

I took it one second at a time. I used a nicotine patch for the first five weeks (the kind that comes in different strengths, so I could gradually decrease the amount of nicotine I was getting over those weeks). Having the patch helped me figure out the emotional dependency without dealing with the physical addiction until I was ready. One at a time! it worked for me.

But everyone is different, so do what works for you. The goal is to be free. It really doesn't matter how you get there. It only matters that you get there.

Good luck! You can do this!!!!
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