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My mother quit smoking 16 yrs ago. She tried over and over. Smoked for approx. 35 yrs. But succeeded.

She is currently tethered to a wall via max oxygen output and in long term care until she dies.

She has secondary pulmonary hypertension due to scaring of her lungs (scleroderma) affecting the o2 exchange. She cannot get up and use the commode in the hospital without her o2 levels dropping to dangerous level w/o a nurse present

She should have blood o2 of 96-100%
She is stable at 80-85%

This affects the brain too (o2).

To be honest, as my Brother feels this is due to smoking. She was also using an inhalant steroid for 10+yrs due to nasal issue.

The scleroderma was dx. as auto-immune.

So, regardless. You can quit

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