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It took me several times but I have not had a single smoke for about 4 years. The last slip was minor...1 really I have not smoked for about 8. When I got the urge I forced myself to smoke the whole thing and got so sick and it was so nasty now every time I crave one (and that will never go away, I don't think), I think about standing on the front porch, green to the gills and then going inside and the room spinning for hours. It was horrid.

Sometimes it takes several attempts, the right smoking aid works for different folks. For my husband and small heart attack in 2003 and he went cold turkey. For me it was several tries and nicotine gum helped. I know others who used various other forms of nicotine patches and drugs. It seems what works is different for different people.

I will say that I coughed a lot the few months after I quit. The lungs coming back alive.

You CAN do this. Figure out your triggers (after eating, stress, driving, etc.) and come up with replacement activities for those chewing gum or even a straw etc.

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