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Glued ears to head ?

So this week I've been experimenting with all different ways of gluing Loki's ears up with little success… Breath right strips... mole foam, mole skin w/ breath right strips etc. Most things I tried, the ears would still kind of fall over of lean forward, and he would scratch like crazy. Even with mole foam supporting the entire inside of the ear, they still fell forward.

So finally last night, I found something that worked! I just glued a little bit of the base of the inner side of his ear to some fur on his head and they stood right up! It looks very natural too, no one would guess they were glued unless they looked really close! I can't believe how well this is holding them up compared to everything else I've tried!

Was wondering what you guys thought about this as a way of getting his ears up. It allows them to stand up, but they are also flexible like normal ears. He can lay them back flat when greeting people and they bounce around when he walks.
One of his ears stands perfectly, and the other sometimes the top of the weaker one flops forward a little. Do you think this would still help out the cartilage even though they are bendable instead of being rigidly supported into one shape all the time? Im debating if I should glue them in a teepee for a more consistent positioning.

I attached a pics! (last one is his before ears)... Never realized how giant those things were.. no wonder they were having trouble standing on their own!!

Also... from looking at his "before" picture, would you say I have a good chance at getting his ears up? They've never really been up before. One has stood up for a few days then went back down and thats about it. He is turning 6 months on monday and he's been teething and bleeding like crazy this week!
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