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Should I Take my Dog to a Public Event?

TL,DR: My dog has no manners around strange dogs. Seems to be worse with large dogs. I'm not sure if should take him to a public dog walking event tomorrow.

There is a 2.5k and 5k dog wolfing event tomorrow in a nearby town. They're raising money for a dog park that is being constructed. I'm apprehensive about bringing my dog along.

He's improved a lot when it comes to him whining in the car. He really only starts whining when the car stops moving. He is also really excitable and that causes him to make a scene. He'll start whining and being disruptive.

When I take him on his daily walk, we pass by people all the time. He's learned to ignore them. When we pass by dogs, he'll pull in their directing, but I'll give him a correcting through his prong. We'll pass the dog and he'll turn around. He's very persistent. At this point, I make him sit and wait for his attention to be back on me before we continue the walk. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. But this apply's to small dogs only. I'd don't come across large dogs in my area very often. We've only seen 4 since winter ended. This is what happened in each of those cases:

1. Walking past a grocery store. There was what seemed to be an older pit bull tied up outside. My dog say him and barked. The pit bull didn't react at all. I gave my dog a correcting and we continued (I didn't want to keep him near the other dog). He looked back maybe once or twice.

2. Approx. 70lbs mixed breed. I was walking behind a school and a man walked around the corner with his dog. Mine jump in their directing and barked a whole lot. I pulled him really hard (Before I bought a prong) and made him sit. He watched them until they were out of sight.

3. After walking about 7 kilometres I was filling up one of those collapsable water bowls with water. I see this woman with her golden retriever coming down the sidewalk. I'm thinking "Hopefully he'll be too busy drinking his water and won't react to the dog." Not quite. He lunged for the dog and it started it. The startled golden retriever nearly knocked the woman over. She continued on and didn't say anything surprisingly. I felt terrible about that. I'm surprised he reacted that way after walking for so long (About 85 minutes.)

4. I was approaching a part on the sidewalk that turns 90 degrees to the right. There is a house on this corner. As I was approaching it, another dog and their owner come around. They stopped as they were waiting for the light to change so they could cross the street. I just cut the corner to avoid them. I'm not even sure if my dog noticed theirs.

As a puppy and even to this day, he's really in your face about everything. I've never been worried about him showing aggression towards any dogs. He lives with my toy poodle and he's never injured her. He does constantly bug her though. I'm more worried about the reaction he might illicit in other dogs who aren't as playful as he is. Should I take him and find out or should I just avoid it at this point in time? He is a 3 year old fixed male.

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