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Default Help!!!

Hey guys, kind of freaking out here.

So yesterday, Zoey was completely fine acting her normal self. Before bed, I gave her a chew chip around 9PM. Around 10PM she jumps off my bed and walks around the room like she needs to go out. Let her out and she starts to act strange... Bring her back to my room and now she can't jump back up on my bed?????

She is acting the same as usual with just a little less energy it seems. She's a Mali so she often jumps up in my arms and I hold her and give her kisses and what not.... she cant do that today.

She walks fine, runs just as fast, poop was solid but I can't figure this out and I'm fearing the worst. She's only a 5 year old dog with a lot of life left.

Vet wont see us until Monday, thoughts?

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