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Default 2 GSDs-- moving from big house to small apartment

Hey guys, old old member, been away for a while.

Been living in a house out in the country with my two GSDs (12 and 3 years old). I always encouraged them to bark at any strange noises. Now due to life circumstances I'm selling the house and moving into an apartment that allows GSDs. I have to teach them not to bark now. How do I re-train them not to bark at every strange noise? I've been correcting them for it and they look at me like I've lost my mind.

Anybody else who has ever lived in an apartment with their Shepherds or has made this transition, I'd love any advice or words of wisdom.

This apartment complex markets itself as being very pet-friendly and has 2 large dog parks on site so I'm hoping and assuming that most of the residents will be pet-friendly and understanding.

Thanks in advance!
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