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7 yr old female losing weight and sudden poor appetite

I have a 7 yr old spayed female who within the last 2 months seems to be losing weight and isn't eating like her normal self. She used to be my chow hound and would eat everything in sight and now I have to keep pointing at her bowl for her to take bites. She never eats her full amount in the day, doesn't really care for her cookies anymore and all in all just gives me a sense of something isn't right. She always wants water CONSTANTLY!! She even goes in the shower to lick the walls when we aren't looking. I had a blood panel done 2 weeks ago cuz I just don't feel right with her and it all came back within good range. This satisfied me for the time being but my instincts are still unsettled. To me her abdomen seems puffy while the rest of her is withering down and she seems like her back end more than anything is wasting away. I worry about cancers and I don't know if I should have xrays done or I've read about a blood test for detecting cancers. My vet sees me all the time and I think they think im nuts! I know shepherds as they get older, get kind of thin and boney but this seems to have happened rather quickly....any suggestions?
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