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Exclamation Please help very worried!!!

Ok Zeus yesterday morning wasn't interested in his food he ate some but not all and he always eats it all really fast. well that was first sign of something not right we went outside to play he played but not super hyper like his normal self either. had diarrhea, he ate lunch took him 30 minutes to eat 1 cup it only takes him 30 seconds usually. he ate his whole dinner 1 1/2 cups around 8 and now its 3 in the morning and he woke up and had to go vomit outside. looks like he vomited at least his whole dinner if not more and alot of soupy liquid with it. he was just looking at me for a minute like do something daddy.and now he has laid down and is sleeping so i need to know what to do tomorrow morning no vets are open around here except emergency vets which i cant afford but i will take him if it is the only option. should i see how he is in the morning. feed him not feed him wait 24 hours i don't know what to do so someone please give me some knowledge very concerned!!!
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