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Default 2014 IPO Ontario Regionals (Photos)

The 2014 IPO Ontario Regionals are happening this weekend, and I wanted to share my fave. photos from today - I'll post my favourite from tomorrow here as well after I get home or the next morning depending on how late we get back...

DH and I are cheering on the helper we train with, who is there working the dogs and doing a really great job (along with Marvin Eng!). It was a really fun morning and afternoon and the BH traffic test was pretty entertaining (the judge had fantastic spirit!) - looking forward to more great conversation tomorrow! Also, the food was great! :P

Anyway.. on to the pictures! More tomorrow...

Caper von Haus Dooling Kaltenbach, handled by Jennifer Jones...

Astasha von Fulk

Tonny Naspo (Narnia Kennels) handled by Narnia Kennel's Robin Winter!

Great performances today, everyone did so well! Really looking forward to the IPO3s and breed surveys tomorrow. If you're local, come out! Great field, great club, all great dogs to watch! It will be a long but fun day tomorrow! This time I am wearing sunscreen and a hat... :P

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