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Originally Posted by Magwart View Post
If your vet is still open, CALL NOW and ask that question!

If the vet is closed, you can call Animal Poison Control - 888-426-4435 ($65 consultation fee, by CC).
Animal Poison Control | ASPCA

If you have a microchip registered with Home Again and pay for their $17.99 annual premium service fee, you can call their board certified emergency vet for no charge. Their vet has access to the ASPCA poison control database. It's the reason I pay them the annual membership fee. 888-HOMEAGAIN

I never knew home again has that service. That's amazing and I do have their membership. Thank you very much!!!!

I don't have a vet, I'm on my 4th one, can't find one I like. Everyone I went to so far has been money grubbing operations that over medicate (their main money maker because they sell the medications at 3-5 times the price) and are forever pushing something and scaring you in the process.

Every time I went to the vet (10 times or so) I never got any answers. It was always guessing and giving a bunch of meds.

Anytime I called to ask whether I should bring him in they always said yes. I don't know if they're saying yes because my dog really needs to be seen or because they want the business.

That's why I really like the idea of calling someone that has no stake in whether I go to the vet or not.

Thank you again)))))

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