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I had a puppy that was only a few months old and had severe seizures. You can take your dog to get an MRI done to look at the brain of the dog, we did so but or puppy had it so bad that we had to put her down, she had 5 -6 a day. If your dog is only doing it once it's not bad, make sure your breeders know if their dogs have had epilepsy run though your dogs family. I think you can get medication for your dog. Make sure when your dog is having a seizure that you block of any stair ways or anywhere were the dog can trip and fall when having the seizure because they can sometimes run around uncontrollably, when your dog is seizing do not touch it, just leave it be , it's very scary to watch I know, I went through it, it could be pricy for the tests , I hope you figure out what it is, we never figured out what was wrong with our pup :/ yours I'm sure will be fine! Just look up some stuff on dog seizures or look for some feeds about dog epilepsy .

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