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Experience with Seizures?

This is not about Bison, thankfully, but my 2 year old mix.
A couple weeks ago she was violently shaking when I came home. She still walked up to greet me, but I took her to the vet to make sure she hadn't been poisoned by anything. He said it seemed to be an aftershock of a seizure. Her vitals were fine, blood work came back normal, no diabetes. So we took her home, and were instructed to just let her calm down in a familiar environment. She did stop shaking eventually, I slept on the floor beside her bed and she ended up having another seizure around 3am, I recorded it and waited for it to end. I brought her back in the next morning, with the same results.. More blood was taken so he could look more into it.. Nothing.
She hasn't had one since then, as far as I know. But today she's been really stiff legged. No one else seems to notice, but I feel like something is just off with her? She did the same thing a few days before her seizures started. I can't find any medical reason that could connect it though.. This is all just very scary to me, Sparkle is still so young and we haven't found anything that is causing this.
Sorry for the book. Guess I'm just rambling on.. Thank you.
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