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what to do with a dog that shuts down/leash corrections

My boy is okay on the leash, but he can pull me very hard. Usually it's just a jerk to the side or he stops and I keep walking. Although, he will pull toward people and other dogs,I can hold him, but it's a lot of jerking on my arms.

Right now I just use a flat collar and give little pops on the leash when he pulls. After a while he will walk a little better, but I can't get him to focus on me or take treats after I have corrected him. Right now it feels like we are just managing, not really getting any better.

I don't really like the idea of a prong, but I have a choke chain I might try.

How do I get his attention back to me? He just shuts down and his expression seems to go blank. I don't correct him very hard, I'm actually pretty weak in my arms and grip strength.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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