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Counter surfing

Anybody have any tips other than yell OFF and pull him off the counter (sure, we do that but it doesn't seem like it enters his long-term memory) or spraying him with water bottle (I personally hate this idea and with him it wouldn't work as he thinks a water spray is the best thing since God made bully sticks).

Hans is just over 5 months old and interestingly he doesn't jump on us or any other people with the exception of my husband, who makes a giant production of greeting him when he comes home. But he LOVES standing up on his hind legs and then investigating what is on the kitchen counters. I no longer have him tethered to me in the house as there is really no need - he isn't destructive (so long as ALL shoes are hidden) and he's perfectly house trained. I don't let him go into rooms on his own. When I'm cooking or clearing up after dinner, he's in the kitchen with me. Our kitchen is really huge with a very large island, etc so he has opportunity to jump up with a bit of a head start before I come over there yelling OFF! He has managed to pull down a head of lettuce, a grilled red pepper, a grilled chicken breast and even a bowl of cesar salad. He is an indiscriminate eater and will try to gobble everything he grabs.

I don't know if we're just not being firm enough with him or if there is something else we should do. My Mom says that for their Collies nothing worked except popping small balloons every time they jumped. They hated the sound and stopped.

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