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I forgot to add:
Also he came potty trained which is weird because the previous owner never had him inside their house he was outdoor dog only, but he does go the the restroom inside sometimes, even if we have the door open for him to go. I guess hes a good dog, but im just concerned that he will turn aggressive and attacked unprovoked. My cousins 3 year old son came over and Neo decided to jump on him (first time they meet) he didnt bite him just some licks but it looked like he was going to drop him. Also his interactions with other dogs are questionable, i dont know if he wants to play or is he proving dominance. One dog (pitbull/husky mix) in particular, it seemed like he wanted to play but he would snap at her. like snap his teeth but didn't bite, but he barked at her also but no growling. This dog is older and a little bigger than he, if it matters. He hasnt growled at another dog nor another person just some barks and watching and thats it he dismisses it. I dont want him to attack a dog or person for no reason.
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