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Greeting from SOCAL

Hi, my name's Brandon and i am a somewhat new GSD owner. My neo is a full breed. He's about 3 months old and a parvo survivor! woot woot. Well just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and ask a few questions and concerns to know if its normal or red flags. I am guessing my dog is from the "working line" of GSD. He is a very calm puppy for the most part, he just started barking at things and people, before he didnt. But he only barks at them until they approach him wanting to pet him, then he gets all happy and starts his licking assault on the stranger. I noticed that he is really stubborn. When he bites our feet (he does that alot) he listens, but teases us, we tell him "NO!" and he still goes for our feet but doesnt bite just teases. I dont know if thats normal. And he just loves biting us, i dont know its because hes teething or i dont know. however he doesnt chew up the furniture. Also when we tell him to stop or no he like barks at us, but its a not that bark he uses when he barks at strangers, its more high pitched, but he listens to us. I dont know if i am over thinking these things or not but its weird. And i dont know how to train dogs or discipline them properly. I guess i just want to know if i am doing good with him. :P. Hes very energetic and always wants to play, he loves having a tug of war with us. hes an indoor dog, but only because he wants to be with us, i think if we lived outside he would love it better lol. He always follows us, for a while when we first got him he would follow me to the restroom and wait till i was done and follow me back to the couch, he doesnt do it much anymore but still watches our moves and follows us. He is very attached and a very loving dog, he jumps on my bed in the morning and just lick me and want to cuddle, and occasionally try to bite. He is pretty good on a leash, if we walk together he stays at our side but if someone runs he tugs. When we first starting taking him on walks he was scared of other things in the neighborhood, now he just ignores them (which is good i think), he doesnt bark back at them. When we leave him outside he doesnt go off and try destroy he just waits to see if we are going to put him in, cry a little, then goes off and lays somewhere, and as long as you dont look at him he wont cry. all we taught him how to do is sit, and it was really quick to teach him that. is there any concerns? what behavior should i look for to be concerned?

any idea how he'll look when he gets older? :P

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