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Originally Posted by lalachka View Post
Lol, it's like I'm reading about my dog.

What worked for me with litter boxes was turning them with the entrance of the litter box facing the wall. They're covered boxes, right?

If not, get covered ones. Then turn the litterbox with the entry hole facing the wall and move it close to the wall with only a tiny opening between the box and the wall. The cat will be able to get in, you know they can get anywhere but the dog can't.

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Yes, the are covered, and i tried having it face the wall first. He just moved it. He's way too bloody smart for my own good

His obedience training is going wonderfully well in general, but i can't do a dang thing about his tendency to chase the bloody cat. The vet said that conditioning huskies (he's half husky) not to chase "prey" requires some serious negative stimulus.
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