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Ecollar on puppy for VERY specific behaviors?

Okay, I have a 10 week old puppy who has a few very specific behaviors that I can't seem to condition out of him. These are pretty serious problems that I am uncomfortable letting go until he is old enough to respond to more classical training methods.

In order of severity, here are the problems

1. Cat Harassment: He regularly harasses my cat, completely ignoring me when i reprimand him. The cat is very large (25lbs) so he is able to hold his own at the moment, but my pup doesn't seem to be making the necessary association between harassing the cat and getting scratched on the nose. Since my dog will eventually be well over 3 times the size of the cat, I want this behavior in check before he is able to do any severe harm

2. Eating poop from cat box: I have tried several different aversive methods for this, and he seems utterly oblivious to them. I had to move the cat box to an elevated area on the porch outside and as he gets taller, he's still trying to get into it. Within a few weeks, he'll be able to reach it.

I do not plan to use the Ecollar as a primary training method, and I am familiar with the problems that misuse can create (Superstitious behavior, misdirected aversions, desensitizing) so I would like your opinions on using one to condition aversion to these specific behaviors.
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