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Bully breeds here. BullMastiff/APBTT/Lab mix was my first dog then a Boxer/Pitt and PB Boxers to follow bullies all. Those dogs were easy for me! My GSD was my first real challenge! It was luv at first but he later proved to be a serious freaking issue and whole bag of big time GSD specific crap! Inter pack aggression "Rank drive" and people issues??? WTH!!!

My bully guys loved people, save for training my Boxer Struddell would have happily walked off or drove off with anyone(she was a serious people loving freak!) See you later dad...found another friend!! But training and discipline always ruled first over instinct!

My next two dogs are going to be another White Boxer and then a Boxer/American Bulldog mix.

Although on here...sticking with the other dog theme! I have learned that, what I always thought were Boxer/ABD crosses have most likely been Johnson type PB ABD's!!!

I let one slip through my fingers Johnson ABD because I though the listing was BS! Opps!! So apparently the Johnson Bull Dogs look like Boxer mixes? Who knew!

But me and Boxers. Boxers are known as the "Clown Prince of the Dog World!" That means something, ownership requires hanging on for Mr Toads, wild ride! Even when you raise train and love, a "perfect Boxer!" It's a Boxer thing, either you get them or you don't!
They have a very high "goofiness content!"

My GSD made me a much much better trainer! He did things I never knew I taught! Don't go out the door (front) without permission. All my dogs knew this but the back door,
?? My other dogs I open the back door and boom they were gone! MY GSD, discpline to the extreme! First time I open the back door for him after teaching the front door rules. I go to let him out the back, I open the door..he doesn't move??? What's up with this dog??? I think and say 'outside?" and out he goes!!!!

He automatically transferred a" threshold" command from the front door to the backdoor!! I never made that distinction, he did a door is door! Many more such moments were to come! He was a challenge he made me a better trainer. I did resent him for awhile because of his attacks on my Bull/Mastiff/APBT mix! Who never started a fight or ever went after Rocky or injured me!!! All of which Rocky did! But Gunther passed and Rock was still here.

I had to let it go we continued working together, he learned what I expected, he delivered! So respect followed! He always had the best care I could give him that was a given! But he earned my respect!

And then one day he saved my butt while I was trying to protect him! That of course was it! He was my mine no reservations! I/we had a very rough road with him but I finally got the GSD thing! And I will have my Boxer this year but I will also always have a GSD!
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