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14 week old picky eater... Still trying to find a solution...

Wiz (14 weeks) is really something! He currently weighs 30 pounds and he's on Royal Canin Maxi Puppy dry food. My goal for him is to eat 3 cups a day, 1 cup per meal. The thing is he barely has a meal... I will give him the food, he sniffs it and then walks away in disgust! I leave his food there in hopes he will eventually eat it. Every now and then he'll take a few bites then walk away. So I tried to put bits of cheddar cheese and turkey breast in his kibble and that worked for a couple days. But then he started eating everything BUT the kibble. So I tried a raw egg over the kibble... he licks up the egg and spits out the kibble! I've tried Blue Buffalo wet food mixed with the kibble and he doesn't like it at all... Any suggestions for an additive that will make him eat the whole bowl in one sitting? Perhaps another wet food? I definitely will look for a different dry food if I can't find an additive that works. HELP!

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