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Originally Posted by llombardo View Post
They have canteens that turn into water bowls for water. I would stop at least once when traveling for 4 hours. We have bon fires all the time and the dogs just stay away from the fire , I still watch carefully. i strongly advise getting little locks for the tent so he can't push the zipper open in the middle of the night if he hears something. I learned this the hard way when camping with my dogs many years ago. The one heard the raccoons walking around the tent and busted out, the other dogs followed. It was 2am and pitch black, I couldn't do anything when they ran into the woods. They all came back by the time it got light out but it was very scary. They can't get out with the locks.
Would a carabiner work so we're not fumbling with keys in the dark? I'd have to check to see if the zipper tab is even big enough to accommodate the carabiner but it would be an easier thing to clip on and off.
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