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We have owned lots if different breeds. Most were mixed, lots were GSD mixes. I have both positive and negative experience with dobes, GSD's, and Rotts. We have owned all size dogs. Amongst our family we have owned a chihuahua, Dalmatian, St. Bernard, lab, goldens, pit bulls, GSD's, Rotts, chows, pit bull mixes, terrier mix, a benji dog, husky mix, and collie mix. My mom fell in love with Rotts, she owned two and I owned 2, and if she didn't pass away a bull mastiff would have been her next dog. I remember every one of them and how we got them. They were all very special to us. Then there are the ones I presently own. Golden Retrievers and GSD's have always been my favorite breeds, but as I have found other breeds have found a home with me and I would never turn down any dog in need.

Misty- Samoyed Mix, Tannor- Golden Retriever CGC
Robyn- GSD CGC, TC, Midnite-GSD CGC,TC, Brennan-Golden Retriever CGC, Batman-Husky/Greyhound , Apollo-GSD

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