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We all love Gsd's, but what are your other experiences?

I was pretty much born, to be a gsd owner, my grandparents had them, my father had them. I'm now on my third, counting my child hood friend. We also had a great Dane mix, Boxer mix, and a few Staffordshire terriors.

Personally as a Adult, I have owned 2 Gsd's, a Rotwieller, and although I do not own it, I also have extended experience with a Doberman. I watch one at my house up to two times a week. He is my Shep's best friend. In addition to the dogs listed above, I also reluctantly have to admit spending time with a wolf hybrid. (Owned by my college roomate, and eventually confiscated) Nothing bad ever happened, there just not legal to own in my state, That beautiful animal ended up playing the price for for a couple of 20 year olds stupidity in trying to own one.

As far as experience goes, I'm just a pet owner, who grew up with dogs my whole life. I feel like the I know them pretty well, but understand there is always more to understand.

What about you, What's your story, and experience level?

Sometimes people here have questions about different breeds. There is knowbody better to ask then someone who has owned that breed, and the also the breed we all here have.
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