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10 week old puppy growling over a treat.

We brought home Rocky at 8 weeks old. He has been a little mouthy but we are slowly getting him to calm down.

Today my wife found a recipe to freeze water, chicken stock and puppy treats into a small block for a warm day hanging outside. He loved the treat but when my wife came close he began to growl. Hearing the growl I can honestly say it wasn't playful so I wanted to see what he'd do to me. I sat next to him and he hunched down on the ice and issued another growl. I went to pet his head to show I wasn't trying to take it and he nipped at me. He didn't make contact but it worried me.

I secured him by the collar and removed the ice. Slowly I let him lick at the ice and showed I wasn't taking it away. Every time he growled I'd put him in the down position and start over. After 15 minutes he stopped but I'm still kind of worried. I have two kids 7 and 4 and I worry about snapping.

He has never done this with regular toys or even his food bowl.

Any suggestions?

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