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So my husband and I like to go camping but haven't since we got Gunther. He's trained well enough now where I'm comfortable taking him out to go camping. I have questions though like:

1: What do you do for water while hiking?

2: Is a backpack a good idea and should I start putting one on him at home to get him comfortable in wearing one?

3: How have you taught your dog to stay away from the campfire? He's singed his tail (just the fur) once when we had a little fire in our backyard once.

4: For a 4 1/2 hour trip how many potty breaks should you give your dog?

5: Gunther doesn't like to poo outside of his backyard...I have waited an hour once when we went to work, walked around giving him the "Go potty" command (I fed him and then we left, no chance to poo in the backyard since we were running late) and he wouldn't go at all... When I say go potty he only piddles... Any tips?

I'm a little nervous about using just a basic tent (it's big enough for all three of us to fit into with lots of room) with all the different noises, but we have "camped" out in the backyard and he LOVED the tent, always wanted to go lay inside. I'm just worried with all the distractions he won't want to relax.

Thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions! Feel free add any info on anything that isn't questioned on this list!
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