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Unhappy RIP Bosco

A.C.P.D. K-9 put to rest -

Bosco was my next door neighbors police dog. He was put down today after a bout with cancer.
He was such a great dog. I will never forget Bosco showing Gunner who the king GSD was around here. Gunner was a puppy and investigating the suspicious dog on the other side of the fence. Bosco let out a huge bark and Gunner went running across the yard.
He came back to show Bosco he wouldn't go quietly and Bosco promptly peed on the fence, it splashing on Gunner. Yep, you won Bosco, you were the king.
After that Bosco pretty much ignored Gunner and they lived together, on opposite sides of the fence, in peace.
I was heartbroken knowing he was going to be put down. I knew it was happening but it didn't hit home until I saw the story on the news.
I burst out crying seeing the K9 unit saying goodbye outside of the veterinary hospital. It was so touching.
RIP Bosco, you were an amazing dog, a true hero.

In happier days, getting "hosed", his favorite:

Amari's Gunner 9/14/08
Buddy (kitty) 8/15/07
Nikki (Polydactyl kitty) 6/15/07

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