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Was as simple as this???

I screwed up my first dog with a prong! But... I did not know what I was doing!! So I started to change and quit using tools at all! That cost me with inter pack aggression and my GSD! That was a call for an E collar!

But for normal situations thinking "What am I doing wrong , instead of "what's wrong with this stupid dog" has worked out well!

So at that point I realized it's "not" about the tool it's about the user!

E collar was the tool I needed! But I guess I chose stitches in the hand instead!

So I expanded my horizions! No need for one now but if it ever happens again...!!!

Anyway I saw this:

I was stunned!! I though no way can it be that simple?? So how did it go with the prong is it "that" simple??
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