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Default Progressing from pre made to "I actually have to think about this" raw diet

It's been several months since I started Stella on raw. We got through the initial bile throwing up, constant poop watching, first turkey neck meal, chicken back meal, Bravo recall, etc....without having a heart attack! I started out with the pre made raw and am trying to add "regular" meat to help defray some of the cost! I have to confess that the premade is so nice and easy....everything all ready to eat but pretty expensive. I want to continue with raw but need to look at alternatives. I found a butcher recently and was able to get turkey necks and chicken backs considerably cheaper.

I kind of feel like I am back to square one because I am not sure just what to feed on a daily basis. Stella is 80-85 lbs and almost 3 yrs old. I figure about 2 lbs is about what she should be eating. I don't have a scale so everything is a guess on my part. Does this sound about right for her daily food.....
1 chicken back and/or 1 turkey neck, 1 lb premade, and about 1 lb of meat (so far I have used chicken breast and beef kabobs) I have been giving her dehydrated liver treats as these count as the 5% organ meat? Or do I need to get some liver from the store? How big of a piece of liver do I give? Oh and I throw in some sardines a couple of times a week and eggs every now and again.

I know this is long but I am worried about my girl's nutrition. My family thinks I am nuts feeding raw.....

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