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visiting to say hiya

With all of the new folks here it's hard to say if anyone will remember us, but I wanted to check in and say hi.

We are back in Oregon, and have been since January 2. I stayed w/my brother for about 2 months and then found a house to rent. I felt that was imperative to my personal mental health.

The house is a 2 bdrm with a huge yard; actually I divided the yard up by fencing off a back section for the dogs, and out front I have a large yard on either side of the driveway. The dogs always have plenty of room to romp out back, but prefer to dig holes if I am not out there with them due to boredom.

I am still looking for work and this town is insane with their rules about it...'don't call or come in to follow up on your app' 'wait for us to call you' and if you violate these rules you will be disqualified from working here' drives me nuts. Meanwhile my parents are helping to pay the bills at my house.

My cats are doing okay. My old fat cat recently had a UTI, but I was unable to get her into a vet I was so desperate to save her that I started giving her cranberry extract in yogurt, laced with some abx I had from one of the dogs. Interestingly enough, she is doing great now, feeling really good, going potty and in her box, going outside and enjoying old age. (please don't chew me out for how I cared for her...I know it was risky, but with no vet appts available and facing a long weekend, I felt it was the best thing to do. )

Anyways, we are doing really good here in this house. I still assist my parents with things they need, and help my brother keep the riff raff away from his place. I will come back and share some pics once I get them uploaded to photobucket.

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