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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Sorry if you felt attacked, I only posted based on what I read. I know you LOVE her or you wouldn't have found this site and posted. But it appeared that your mother was making you leave your dog, your female dog that is now in heat OUTSIDE in the yard. It wasn't clear if she is in a 100% secure fencing area, particularly as you mentioned waiting for all the interested males to arrive.
I am not waiting for any males to come, I simply noticed none were. It is better they do not come. My mother is not forcing to me to lock her outside, she just prefers that she is. She never leaves my site, is given water, and she does come inside at times. I do not neglect her in any way. She is inside of the house at my feet as I type this. My backyard is fully fenced with about 7-8 foot cement/brick walls. And the yard is very large for her. I appreciate the apology, and I am sorry if I got too snappy. I am quick to over react.
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