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Originally Posted by MaggieRoseLee View Post
Not really clear why you got a dog at all if she has to be isolated not only from the other people but other dogs?

Both house manners AND being with the other dogs is something ALL our dogs can learn. They are very intelligent and between the hours we can spend with them IN the house, hours of training and dog classes, hours of socialization plus possibly the crate training inside the home...............

If she will have to spend her life alone in the yard....... with no training or socialization to be raised normally, is there a chance you can contact the breeder to explain that you made a mistake and didn't realize everything involved in raising a dog properly? I know my breeder would take my dog back if I realized I had made a mistake.

Raising a dog is hard, takes tons of time and money with both the training, socialization and just normally day to day responsibilities. Better to fix the situation now when your pup is young rather then wait and end up with an older dog that can't be in the home, can't be around other dogs, and can't be trusted out in the world because I didn't have the time/experience/knowledge to raise my pup properly.

Have you read this stuff yet? Welcome to the GSD/FAQ's for the first time owner - German Shepherd Dog Forums

How far are you on this --> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

As well as ---> What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)
Wow, this took an insane turn. I now feel like I am being criticized a bit... She is not isolated at all... I am anti outdoor dogs, but I am just not allowed to let her in as much as I want. That does not mean she never comes inside and is socialized. You made some big accusations on me based on those few sentences said. She is very well socialized, gets along great with animals, but small dogs she tends to be too hyper with. When did I say she will remain outside for her whole life with no training? I simply said her primary home is outside. She goes to dog parks, and we train her, and we love her, we give her exercise. She will sometimes sit at my feet and watch TV with me if I pet her and calm her down enough. You are making it seem like I neglect my dog. And yes, I read all those things the day I got her. She is not my first ever dog to care for. I feel my descriptions made an image in your head of an out of control, untrained dog who lived outside all the time and was unsocialized and neglected... It is the opposite... This took quite a quick and sharp turn from your helpful advice. I am sorry if my description gave you a different perspective on how her life really is.

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