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Unhappy Do ya smell that smell???

I have a full grown black lab that lives with my GSD. As we all know, labs love water. So I had an extra kiddy pool that was big enough for him to get in. Needless to say he LOVES it. He constantly dips in there to cool off. Sounds great. Until the pool started to get dirty. I cleaned it frequently but it has some kind of algea or moss growing on the bottom that will not come off. That plus him dipping in then running around outside or doing whatever else he does, has absolutely made him stink to high heaven!! I realize dogs have their own natural smell but this is worse than month old unwashed homeless feet!!! Yesterday I lathered him up in soap and let it sit for about 5 min before I washed him off and it took his stink from level 10 to level 8.9 on a stink rating! lol The goal is to have both dogs inside but he smells like a man that lives in a van down by the river. Does anyone know any really good shampoo, a small pool that will not be as easy for algea or whatever it is to bond to, or even some type of tablet or something that I could put in the water to clean it? I dumped out his pool yesterday to keep him from getting in it. Any ideas will help!!! I want him to be able to have some kind of pool to cool down in!
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