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Originally Posted by Jones127x View Post
My Kaiser just turned one recently and has never shown any signs of aggression at all. Not towards anyone he knows nor strangers. He is still very mouthy, but only when we're playing. He never intentionally tries to hurt anyone. Just puts everything in his mouth lol. Today, I took him to Petsmart. Normally he's pretty skittish and shy around new people and will sometimes bark but only out of fear, and has never tried to snap at anyone. The hair on his back will stand up when he meets someone new and he is just very standoff ish. While at Petsmart, I was speaking with some employees right next to the cashier and a little girl approached him, did not ask if it was okay, and I heard him growl for the first time. Then he lunged at her. I have never seen him act this way, nor did I know how to correct him. Everyone has been telling me it's normal, he was startled, it was instinct, lots of dogs don't like kids, etc. But if he would have bitten that little girl.... It doesn't matter if it was instinct, he would have to be put down, no questions asked. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent this from ever happening again? He's in intermediate training classes now and he's very well mannered, I guess she just spooked him. Thanks in advance!
Fear is a COMMON reason that our dogs bite. That's why WE have to be so proactive to SOCIALIZE our pups to remove the fear element. It's great you are in dog classes, keep those up.

But you need to SOCIALIZE in an appropriate manner to show your pup the world is a good place and YOU will take charge to guide him thru it!

Have you looked at and read thru ---> Why bother to 'socialize' and I want photos/videos of puppies/dogs.....

I am currently raising my puppy and it's part of my weekly 'training' that after puppy classes I take Osin out and about into town to help her learn to expect the unexpected and that the world is a wonderful place not to be afraid of.

And events ARE around to help with this! Here's my Glory B


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