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You can get her fixed while in the heat? I thought I had to wait until it was over. When she is outside she never leaves my sight, my work space is set up right next to two side by side windows, and she lays beneath them on the opposite side when I am there. Yes, she has a slight personality change. She normally listened very well, just a small "Go on" or "Come here, girl" would suffice, now I have to push her places I need her to go, she will just flop on her back when I call her or look at her. Very unlike her, very. As I write this she is barking at nothing right outside. Just looking at me and our fence and bushes, I see nothing she could be barking at. Well, thank you for the articles and advice. I want to keep her inside but,
1. As said before, she is not allowed in by my mother.

2. She does not get along with the other pets in the household because she is a puppy, but so big she wants to play all the time, and all of the pets inside are small, they do not like her...

3. She does not have "indoor manners". Understandable for her age, but she is very rowdy and does not have a calm bone in her body. Even after an hour and then 30 minutes of frisbee she is still rowdy.

I let her in occasionally when she gives me those puppy dog eyes and whimpers, but for the most part she is outside. We have a nice bed, and toys in a large fenced off area in our garage. It is very nice and cozy and cool in the warm days. I have been thinking of letting her live primarily in the garage because it is done up so well, and just letting her outside a few times a day. Does that sound good? Or should I remain with what I currently do.
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