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Dog Is In First Heat!

Hello. I had just made a thread just a bit ago and it stated my dog was in heat. I now feel it necessary to post about it because I have never dealt with this before. I noticed dry blood on her fur near her "area" just a week ago, but I do not know if that was the first day it happened, and so I have no idea how long she has been in her heat. I know there are different stages and I am trying to figure out which stage she is in. One of the stages said I will notice male "suitors" around my house, and I have yet to see that, and we have many dogs in our neighborhood. He area is EXTREMELY swollen and very pink, and she continually licks it. I read that dogs will beg to be let outside, but she is begging to be let in (she is primarily an outdoor dog, not my choice, my moms). She has not shown signs that she wants to mate yet. Well, this thought just occurred to me. She is begging to come inside more than she normally does, and we do have a (neutered) male dog inside. Small cockapoo. Could she wanting to get to him? Also, she has been humping the pillow that is on our hammock outside. I have never dealt with a dog in heat so I am just lost. I noticed larger amounts of dried blonde a week ago, but I see no stains on the concrete outside, no dripping, and I was just outside to check on her and I saw no discharge or blood. But her area is highly swollen. I am just looking for literally any advice. She is only 10 months, so mating could be dangerous, I am making sure to watch her at all times, but again she does not appear to want to mate yet, and I have seen no male dogs outside or near our house. Her personality has shifted to being very submissive, though. She is not listening to instruction anymore, and if I look at her she drops to her back with her legs spread, and she is sniffing everything when we go on walks. I honestly just do not know! Any advice is extremely helpful. Thank you.
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