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I really dont know what to tell you. I spend a good chunk of my days developing a relationship with dogs and a working raport with them and the majority of the time is spent selling myself to the dog and not the other way around.

I think maybe your dog is a burden to you, either because it isnt behaving or because the two of you dont share activities you both enjoy together, and all youre left with is taking care of the dogs basic needs and cleaning up after the messes it makes. If this is the case you may never have that bond if you dont go out to actively try to create it through a working relationship in which you are getting something back.

Whenever I get a really annoying dog coming through here that I dont like I try to isolate all the things I find annoying about them and get rid of those behaviors or add behaviors where applicable. More so than that I generally try to make an effort to hang out with them more outside of actual training and develop a relationship where the dog at least really likes me even if I kind of want to strangle them.

And you know what? By the end a lot of those dogs I hated ended up some of the hardest dogs to say bye to at the end. When all the annoyances are eliminated and the games and relationship are developed what you have left is a good dog that is on the same page with you. Sympatico. Then all thats left is transfering that to the owner, and thats when magic happens.

Its a cliche but you get out of those things what you put into them. Taking care of the basic needs of a dog gets you a dog that is basically alive. It doesnt get you a relationship.

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